GA-K8VT800 Pro Replacement


Nov 23, 2011

First time posting on here so I hope that this is in the right place. My computer knowledge is fairly limited.

My system has an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU, running XP Pro SP3. I was running with 2 x PNY DDR400 PC3200 RAM. Earlier this week I tried to add another 1 GB stick of the same type to give the maximum the board will allow.

Unfortunately, this led to a chain of events where I can now only run 1 GB RAM successfully. I think the motherboard is at fault having done all of the following:

Updated BIOS
Changed MB Battery
Checked all DIMM modules - all OK
Tried various combinations of DIMM slots

Even though I did have my system running for some time with 2GB RAM, I now realise on boot that it gave a long beep (SDRAM error) before it started up successfully, so I think there was already a MB problem which has just got worse.

I have two main questions:

1. I have managed to find 4 motherboards which allow a maximum of 3GB (most max at 2GB) which would be a direct replacement for my current socket 754 set up:

GA-K8N Pro
GA-K8VT800 Pro

Foxconn / Winfast

Any opinions on best option?

2. Would it be more cost effective to upgrade the motherboard/CPU entirely to get something more up to date? My worry with this is having to buy new memory, graphics card, HDD, etc as a result. My budget is pretty limited, and I don't need an all singing and dancing PC.

Can anyone suggest an alternative which would accept 3.0GB DDR400 memory?

Thanks in advance


1.none of the above motherboard is good nowadays
go for a newer motherboard
(1 gb ddr will cost you 4 times that of 1 gb ddr3 ram (eg. cost of 1gb ddr =25$, cost of 1gb ddr3 =5$ to 7$))

2. what are your current hardware specifications, tell your current graphics card, hdd etc, then we will be able to answer you query number 2