GA M55 S3G cpu multiplier


Jun 16, 2006
I'm back with perhaps a stupid question but for which I could apreciate an answer.

I have an 3000+ Amd 64 which runs by default (9multiplier) x 200(bus speed) at least according to Cpuz.

My question is whether my mobo can support a higher than 9 (max value presented in bios) multiplier for future upgrades(like an X2 Amd)

When I decided to get this mobo I've done some research over net and one of the most detailed reviews was done by There I could saw some pics illustrating how the Freq is calculated for a X2 3800+ proc : 10 x 275

How come 10? Where is nr 10 in my drop list in my bios ? :x
Is it because my Cpu cannot sustain a higer multiplier and that's why it is not displayed? Or is it because I have a crappy revision that i should quickly get rid of?

Thank you for your time!

PS : I suspect my mobo to be somewhat of a fake, or manufactured on a pneumatic boat. As a prove I have my drivers Cd that came wih the board and which clearely mentions the chipset Nvidia GFORE, not GFORCE. :evil:


Sep 10, 2006
I was under the presumption that multipliers for most newer chips are fixed and will only allow for reduction in the multiplier and that OC'ing the CPU would be by increasing the FSB. My CPU (X24600) has a fixed multiplier of 12. Default FSB is 200. I can adjust this as well as memory frequency but I cant change the multiplier. I know that on the Intel X6800 that the mutliplier is not locked and that it can be increased and not just decreased.


Nov 23, 2006
I believe that due to the way the bios is setup with AMD 64 cpu's you can only select a lower multiplier than default. the higher ones are locked out, except for the FX series. The motherboard will/should be able to support higher multipliers but you will not be able to see them with that cpu installed.