Ga-ma790gpt 8Gb BSOD


Jan 19, 2012
Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-Ud3h
AMD Phenom II x3 720
2x2Gb A-Data
2x2Gb G-skill
Evga Gtx 460
WD Black 640Gb
WD Blue 500Gb
LSP Ultra 650W

Recently added 4Gb of G-skill ram to my system for a total of 8Gb and it ran fine for a day. I made sure that the timings and voltages for the ram were the same and ran memtest with no errors.

I was playing game when all of a sudden I got hit with a bsod. I ran memtest again with no errors. Tried extensive troubleshooting and it seems it might be something wrong with the 1st two ram slots. I tried 1 stick in the first slot and it ran fine, then removing that stick and placing it in the 2nd slot and still the same results. When I try putting two sticks in the 1st two slots at the same time, is when I get bsod when the window logo appears.

I can only run the computer fine when i have the third and fourth slot filled up, and either having the 1st or 2nd slot installed. I can't have slot 1 or 2 installed at the same time it seems.

I'm just wondering if anyone had this kind of problem before and any help would be appreciated. Sorry if the explanation is confusing.

I'm sure all the ram is fine, just the mobo is having trouble. I'm still under warranty but want to try everything I can before sending it in.