GA-P31-DS3L ram issues?


Nov 4, 2006
have just bought this board and put together with the following components

intel E4500
2GB Corsair XMS2 667
maxtor 250GB
XFX 7900GT
Hiper 580W psu

when i start the system im gettin the fans starting up, no error codes but no output to the monitor

i have tried everything with this now including stripping the whole system down to check there is no short on the board. i have tried different modues in different slots, resetting the cmos every time

starting to think its a ram issue, these modules are not listed on the gigabyte website but they are from my last system and i would have thought the board would have no problem with these.

does anybody have any experience of corsair being a problem with this board, can anybody shed any light on the matter?


Jan 12, 2006
I had use this board for 2-3 times with corsair in a few was ok...Corsair is more compatible with different boards models in comparison with Geil for ex...Maybe your models have a problem...did you check bios setup...speed is to auto st it to 667MHz? try to change the higher for ex, check de DDR Voltage etc..and try other type of DDR2
have you tried to reset the bios with the clear jumper, with the battery out and psu off....while its(the jumper) in the clear position hit the power button once to make sure all the caps on the board are discharged....wait a min or 2 move the jumper back and put the battery back in and power up....