GA-P35-DS3L and dual-slot graphics


Nov 4, 2007
Would a dual-slot video card (specifically the HD3870) fit on this mobo? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of room for one just eyeballing the space. The northbridge and southbridge areas are very close to the slot, but there are still two more slots for 1x pci express, so I wanted to make absolutely sure it's alright. Here's a pic:

I've got my computer ready and assembled except for the video card. I wanted a 8800GT, but they are hard to find and almost as expensive as a PS3 right now, so I'm taking a long look at ATI's offerings. I need to get this computer up and running so I can at least make sure it posts and send back any defective equipment there might be. Not to mention, yunno, there are tons of great games coming out that I want to play :na: