Nov 6, 2007
Hi guys,
I just bought a Gygabite GA-P35-DS3R motherboard..Once I got home I opened the box to see what wonders it contained but to my amazement I found that the bag in which the mobo was placed was ripped on the back (probably from the connectors) and the bag was opened. I have to mention that the mobo seemed fine (on the outside at least, don't know if it has any static discharge issues or the like). The thing is< I am worried that somebody else got it before..had a problem with it, a static discharge or such..returned it and the computer shop repackaged it and sold it to me. I can't check if it is ok because my video card hasn't arrived yet and so, I can't put the parts together. Also, I've heard that this could be the work of Gygabite..They put a guaranty sticker on it or something..There is no sticker that can be categorized as such but I may be wrong. What to do? :(

P.S. - The video card will arrive sometime later next only then will I be able to check and see. Any opinion would be much appreciated.


Mar 23, 2007
Where did you buy it from? I know Newegg sells *open box* items in plain day for a little cheaper... any way you could have ordered an open box by mistake? if you didnt and its not listed as being open box or non retail. Id send it back regardless of wether it works or not, did it come with all the SATA cables and wot not? Cause i would think if its open those would be missing also.