Feb 9, 2008
Hi, everyone :)

I'm terribly in need of help, i hope someone can help me

I have GA-P31-ES3G paired w/ E4500.

I noticed that speedfan & CPU-Z tell me that my Vcore is 1.28V (EIST & C1E disabled) while the fact is it's set to normal in bios (it's supposed to be 1.315V-1.325V right!?)

What frustrates me is that even though i rise the Vcore, speedfan -& CPU-Z keep telling me that the Vcore is 1.28V. i think this is why it failed orthos at 3GHz even when i set the Vcore 1.48V in bios.

Is there someone who uses the same board as i do ?

if so, please tell me what i missed or what setting & bios do u use to get stable OCing....... :bounce:

Any help will be greatly appreciated ..

Note: I'm using bios F6

Edit: ***!! i typed the wrong MB on the title. It's supposed to be GA-P31-ES3G. please pardon me.


Apr 17, 2009
You can edit the title of your post, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyways, CPU-Z is reliable mostly, but it does get some info wrong seldomly. Always rely on what your BIOS says.

In any case, you can always determine stability yourself by testing your CPU with Prime95 or a similar app.