GA-P35-S3 bios/et5 cpu temp lower than system temp

tony oh

Oct 2, 2007
Hi.. new here,

I know this shouldn't be happening but I am getting a weird result in both BIOS and from the easytune5 motherboard monitoring utility.
The CPU temp is at 20C at idle but the system temp is much higher.
I made two screenshots the first when the cpu is at idle and the other when I alt tab out of a game (bioshock) so I'm putting some load on the cpu.
In the first shot the cpu is at 20C and the system temp is at 37C in the second the CPU temp goes up to 28C and the system temp remains at 37C. Initially I thought they were mislabelled somehow and the wrong way round but since it's only the CPU temp that goes up it leaves me confused.
In the shot there is also a speedfan result and the label of core relates to the gpu as it's the same as the result in rivatuner for the gpu temp and rises and falls to the same value.

I'm running

Q6600 at stock
8800gts 320mb at stock
2gb 6400 corsair ram
530w hiper psu
akasa 965 side blowing hsf tower

Anyone any idea?

Thanks guys.



Oct 7, 2007
Weird. It sounds to me like your cpu probe is bad, or registering low for some reason. It claims that your cpu is idling at 20c (68 F), which is basically room temperature. Unless you're posting from your tent in Antarctica that doesn't sound possible - even at idle, no hs/f can keep your cpu at room temp. The ambient temp (37c) sounds high for a case with a side fan, but it could the that the probe is next to something hot (like the gpu exhaust). Try removing the side panel and aiming a big fan at the innards, and see if the ambient temp changes.


Jun 7, 2005
I don't think Everest Home works properly with newer systems. It even misreports my temperatures and my system isn't exactly new. Everest Ultimate does significantly better but still gets the mobo temps wrong. Try running something (or several somethings) that put load on all 4 cores and check temps then.