[SOLVED] GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (rev. 1.1) wont boot from the M.2 ssd I just installed please help =(


Jun 25, 2013
So I installed the M.2 properly and it is recognized in file explorer and ive even used the space to store a large game and also play the game running from the same M.2. The problem began when i began the process of cloning my Win10 OS from my smaller SSD to migrate over to the new M.2 and it become the new boot drive. I went to bios anmd changed the boot order and every time i would try to load it would just say that i need to restart with the proper files or somethingf weird like that basically telling me to go back to BIOS and change the boot order back which I did and is how Im now writing this to anyone out there. I also do have the latest bios. I just dont know how to designate the m.2 as the boot drive and remove that privelage from the current C drive which is a non M.2 but still a SSD. Thank you ahead of time to anyone out there willing to help me im completely lost now.