Question GA - Z97X - UD5H - Lost Both BIOSs - No Boot - No Display - WHAT NOW


Sep 29, 2013
I have been working on this PC trying to solve Boot issues - I got to thr point where I decided to update the Chipset Drivers and the BIOS from F8 to F9.
I killed the #1 BIOS, by Inadvertently Pressing the CMOS Clr Button, with Power On.
I then switched to #2 BIOS and worked the rest of the day with no problems - In hindsight, I should have Copied the Backup BIOS #2 to the Original BIOS #1, but I did not.
Next morning, I tried to Boot and I had Nothing on the Screen (Black) - No Messages - Nothing at all, except I heard the CD/DVD RW found by the BIOS in POST, I guess.
I Switched back to BIOS #1, hoping it had been Automatically Restored from the #2 BIOS - No such Luck.
SOooooo - Where to Next. How does One Recover at least One BIOS ???
It is NOT possible to get a Replacement MB of this Configuration, so, I would like to get this thing Resolved with BIOS updated, by some means that can be easily applied and that will work - All I have read on Google that is related, is Worthless and wanders off onto other Topics.
I would appreciated whatever assistance you can offer.
I am an Ex Service Veteran Pensioner, so I do Not have Cash to throw around.



If you can, see if you can source a CH341A BIOS programmer, then some soldering equipment to desolder the BIOS chips off of the board. You should be able to reflash the BIOS using a donor system. If you're unable to solder or source equipment mentioned in the line above, it's best you take it to a PC repair shop who can solder and reflash the BIOS for you using a programmer. The board you have does not allow you to flash the BIOS with an USB drive, sadly. Only a handful of boards from that era allowed you to recover your BIOS if the BIOS ended up being corrupt.