Gainward video card


Nov 16, 2003
Have any of you all had any experience with the Gainward Ultra 760XP Golden Sample which is based on NVIDIA´s GeForceFX 5600 Ultra? It would seem to be a good card for the price range but wanted to see if anyone had used it in a real world situation. Good performance? Problems? Thanks to any who reply.


Jan 4, 2003
That card is one of the few Rev 2.0 FX5600Ultras out there, if it's cheaper than R9600pro, go for it.

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FX5700Ultra, the next Ti4200? seems so
It would have to be significantly cheaper than the R9600pro not just a buck or two.

If it's 85% of the price of the R9600P or less then it becomes a good buy. If he only plays older DX7/8/8.1 titles then it's an equal to the R9600P, but still just. Add the more advanaced games and there is a severe drop off even for a revision 2.

If the price difference is equal to the price of MaxPayne2/Halo then it's worth it, otherwise the diff. in performance in those titles is going to suffer.

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Are you sure its the 5600ultra? Gainward calls bothe ultra and non-ultra 5600 cards "Gainward ultra 760 XP Golden Sample". The only way I know to tell the difference is to check the specs on the box.vUnless ofcourse it has 256 megs of ram, then it's the non-ultra.