Gainward's crazy ass 6800Ultra


Jan 4, 2003
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Anyone wanna lend me 1200$?

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Yeah there are some weird results there. FarCry is a messed up game right now IMO, but the fact that it's performance drops in Serious Sam, AquaMArk, Halo, UT2K3Botmatch (yes more system dependant) is very strange.

Alot of the drops are minimal and within statistical error, but at the very least you'de expect an 'increase' within the margin of error.


Still think it's nice looking solution, and Gainward is a very great cardmaker IMO. Still the price tag is a big 'whoa!' factor (over $900US! [however likely cheaper when actually SOLD in the US]) and really makes you think that Alienware's '2 $300 cards are better than one $600+ card' idea is the right way to go. Of course you'd have to get an Alienware rig then and pay that premium! :wink:

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