Galax 1070 not inserting properly into S340 case.

Sep 30, 2018
My Galax 1070 EX OC doesn't fit properly into my case. When I insert it it looks like this. The contacts don't reach and fit in all the way.

From what I've read of the dimensions online, the card should fit in the case (I could easily be misreading), the i/o shield, however, blocks the card from moving forward any further, this is why I am unable to insert it properly.

I know neither the card nor the pcie slots are broken as I can still get the pc to boot into windows for extended periods of time, i.e days/ weeks, without having any issues. However the card regularly shifts too far out of place, its lights turn off and video output goes out. The rest of the system stays on and I can still here game sounds etc, just without video.

I can reseat it and it will start working again, however it is increasingly difficult for me to do this. It doesn't always start turning on again after reseating it once, often it needs additional coercing to get it to stay for any longer than an hour.

I've used props to try and keep it in place which work for a little bit but then the card still loses power due to it shifting or potentially something else.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any solution to this short of me having to buy a new case that will fit the card? Is it potentially and issue with the motherboards pcie slots?

Any help is appreciated thanks in advance. pictures
I don't see the I/O shield anywhere near the card.

Did you use the original standoffs which came with the case? They aren't universal. Some cases use different standoff heights. It looks to me like the card isn't coming down far enough. Indicating motherboard standoffs which are too short.