Question Galax ami Motherboard 4 beeps. No display after BIOS update ?


Mar 29, 2017
I have a Galax B450M motherboard. I updated its BIOS to the newest one and it booted to Windows.

Then i restart my pc to go to bios, but instead it beeps 4 times and show no display, and all the fans are still spinning

I tested my Ryzen 5 3500X CPU and 16gb ram on my brothers pc, and they work fine on his A520M mobo. I also swap my 16gb ram placement, and also try different 8gb stick ram. Still no fix.

I reinstalled cmos battery and its still not turning on. I even tried to put my brothers r7 5700g to test if my cpu is not supported on the mobo after bios update, still nothing. Tried unplugging all the sata still nothing

I also reseated my gpu, it works fine on my brothers pc. But still 4 beeps and no avail. Is my mobo dead? Any way to fix this?