Galaxy - GeForce GTX 550 for a Dell Inspiron 530?


Oct 8, 2011
Hey there, I'm upgrading my Dell Inspiron 530 (2 quad cpu at 2.4ghz with a qq660 processor and 4gb of RAM) for Battlefield 3

I just want to make sure that the upgrades I'm making will be compatible with the g33mo2 motherboard.

Okay, the upgrades are as follows.

-Upgrading the 350w power supply to a Thermaltake - 430W TR2 ATX Power Supply

-Upgrading the integrated graphics to a Galaxy - GeForce GTX 550

I'll be having it all installed at Best Buy, I just want to make sure everything will fit and be compatible.

Also, the 530 I have is in the wide case, not the slim version.
Can't find if it's 1 or 2. Can you download GPU-Z and see for yourself ? You have to hover your cursor over the 'Bus Interface' box for a sec and an info bubble should pop up. ( thanks MM )
I think it's a 1.1 or 1.0 version tho and there is sadly no way of telling than if it will work or not. It probably will, but it ain't sure.

Because of the 2 core i think higher than a 460 makes the cpu bottleneck so no need for a 560. I can be wrong, so forum, correct me if so.
Ok, seems to be quad core then.

Maybe ;

PSU ( saves on your parents electrical bill :lol: )

If money really isn't a issue you can also think about a 570 but it will bottleneck with your system i think.

Also, forgot to ask, at what resolution you play ?