Gamble on the price point of the GT?X-1170?

Mike Shiner

May 28, 2013
I have an HD7950 and I've been wanting to upgrade my graphics card for a while now.

I have a friend who is selling his rig parts to fund his Master's degree. He's offered me his Gigabyte 1080ti for £520. This is a superb price for a great card, easily £200 under what they're going for online.

But we're only a couple months out from the Turing architecture, and although the 1170 is rumoured only mean to be the same ball park in performance 1170, rumors are it will be for around the £550 mark. I want to get a VR headset in a year or so, I'm not sure if the DDR6 Memory is going to to the deal maker.

How accurate do you think that is, and is it worth holding out?

My rig is hooked up to my 40" 4K TV which has HDMI 2.0 so I'm mostly interested in 4k gaming OR 1440p gaming if the game is too demanding to hit stable 60fps.

Thanks guys.

CPU: i5 6600k.
Somewhere between $400-$800 USD depending on how feel, as AMD isn't really offering competition, and the 1180 Ti is rumored to cost $1000 for the lowest end model, and like $1500 for the high end, so a 50% increase in price.

I'll take a random stab and say ~$500 USD, probably just a tad under.


May 23, 2018
One statement needs a bit of seem to be connecting GDDR6 to a VR headset, not sure if that is just poor phrasing, but VR does NOT require GDDR6.

The 1080Ti will be a great card for several more years, and will be more than capable of any VR you throw at it. Yes, the 1170 will be "better"...but choose any point in time in the past 15 years and you can say "there will be a better card in 6-8 months"

All that to say, if you need/want a card now, make sure you compare prices and if your friend's 1080Ti is a good deal, then get it. If you can wait 2-6 months (?????) for 1170, then wait.


Apr 4, 2018
There's no guarantee that an 1170 will be faster than a 1080ti. There's also no guarantee that the 1170 will sell for 550. The first couple of months are supposed to be the reference fan setups only, then the 3rd party vendors will sell their fan setups a couple of months later.

I'm also willing to bet that the demand for the new cards will be so high they will probably sell for much higher than MSRP anyway. Realistically, you could be waiting til Christmas time before availability and normal prices arrive anyway. Get the ti, be happy and don't look back.