Question Game Audio Doesn't Work ?

Dec 21, 2020
I don't know if It's necessary to list my specs but here they are anyway:
CPU: Ryzen3 1300X
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti
MoBo: Asus Strix B450-F Gaming
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB

I have Windows 10 on my custom PC, I've had it for a while now, but only recently, some game audio has not worked. Any other audio has though (chrome, video files, system sounds, discord). I use Realtek Audio Drivers from my motherboard's driver installer/updater (Asus Grid). Games I've tested this on so far include Minecraft, Among Us (launched off of steam), osu!, and Rocket League (launched off of Steam).

There was actually audio for RL and osu, and it was fine, but for Minecraft and Among Us, something weird would happen: the first time that the game knew a sound was supposed to be played (tick sounds from hovering over a button/noteblocks playing) it let out a quick static buzz then played no sounds for the rest of the time the game was open (both restarting the games and restarting the computer would produce the same outcome every time). The buzz produced usually sounds like a static-like version of the sound that was supposed to be played.

I've tried reinstalling my audio drivers, which actually worked for a while (I say a while because, after a little bit, the same audio event would happen and it would continue that way, even after I restart my computer). I suspect the audio drivers to be my problem, but I don't know how to fix it. I have basically no idea what is going on and I've had to live with this for weeks now.