Game capture card for PS4


Oct 6, 2014
Looking for a game capture card for my PS4 to start creating YouTube gaming videos. Elgato seems to be the most popular, is it best quality for the price? This may be used on a computer as well to record WoW gameplay. I am open to other recommendations. Also, any software recommendations for editing? I have never done video editing, but have a retina MBP 15" with a 650m and was planning to use iMovie to edit since its free; any input on how well that will work? I have access to a desktop and can put a graphics card in it. I run Windows on the Mac as well if a piece of Windows software would be better and the laptop would suffice. I would prefer to use the laptop for editing. I do not want to spend over ~$20 on software and would prefer something free. I am a quick learner and very bright (not to toot my own horn, solely for the purpose of elaborating on my entry level skills). If you have a recommendation to progress to over time I would also take that into close consideration, dependent upon the success of this channel.


Aug 26, 2012
Hey, I am not sure why you have no responses but... elgato is pretty good, you can check avermedia products as well.

About editing, I use sony vegas, but the adobe suit (premiere,after effects) is damn good if you want something more professional.

the basic is, MP4 format, h264 codec video files, the bitrate around 15mbps should be enough to "lossless' quality.

about the 30 or 60 frames per seconds is all up to you, but the more fps the better. you should check that elgato input video at 1080p is at 30fps.

avermedia has some capture hardware that can get the 60fps input video. (usb 3.0) I suggest you to googling around to be sure.


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