Question Game causing stuck button

Dec 2, 2019
Good morning friends,

First apologies if this is the wrong topic area for this question. So I am playing Minecraft and downloaded the Worldedit mod for easy creative building. I also downloaded Forge to allow that mod to work. So while using the mod it will randomly act like the 7 key is stuck or being held down. I will list below the troubleshooting techniques I used to fix it with no relief. On top of this it continues to act like 7 key is held even after I exit the game. The only way to fix it is to restart the computer.

Unplugged Keyboard (still says 7 key is being held down even without keyboard)
Ran virus scan (just in case)
Deleted Minecraft and reinstalled it as well as the mods
Contacted modder for support (he assures me it is my system and not the mod)
Restored windows 10 back to earlier restore point (a point before which I actually downloaded the mod)
Checked for system update and updated system.

The only thing I haven't done yet is change out keyboard or check drivers for keyboard to see if they need update. The keyboard I am using is a DELL Keyboard KB113p.

Note it does not do it all the time and only happens in Minecraft.