Game crashes 9800pro blue screen !!


Apr 11, 2004
I have recently been having major problems with my favourite game (Pro Evolution Soccer 3 by Konami) .Ever since i bought my ATI built Radeon 9800 pro the game keeps crashing after approx 10 - 15 mins of playing it . The whole screen goes blue with a load of white scibbles all over it like Egyptian Hyrogliphics then the machine restarts itself !! Whenever i send an error report to microsoft they tell me the crash was caused by a device driver but thats as specific as they get . I used to run the 3.8 catalyst driver on this card but found out that this can cause the card to overheat so i purchased an artic cooling system which fits onto my 9800 pro and does make a difference to the temp of the card .I also changed drivers back to 3.7 and then to the latest 4.3 but still no difference (i used the driver cleaner to uninstall my ati drivers before i changed catalyst versions) .Im only guessing its the card or driver as it all seemed to coincide with the fitting of this card and im sure i read somewhere that the card shutdown screen was a blue one . If anyone can help me with this problem i would be very grateful , cheers
Abit KV7 motherboard
1 Gigabyte 400ddr ram
Sata via raid (2 x seagate barracudas SATA raid) 160GB total
Athlon 2800
ATI built Radeon 9800pro
Direct X 9
Windows XP Professional SP1
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Jun 25, 2003
What card did you upgrade from? if it was an nVidia product, did you totally uninstall all the old drivers?

Such as using Detonator Destroyer, Detonator R.I.P., Nasty File Remover, as well as a registry scanner to get rid of all the little prizes nVidia leaves on your system??

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MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
1GB DDR333
R9600XT 128MB
SB Live 5.1
Maxtor 120GB


3 questions:

What card did you have before?
What is your power supply?
Any issues in other games or 3dmark2001?

If you have a 300-350 watt generic, could be craving more power. A good 350w should be fine unless you have a loaded down system, then more is often needed.

Your system uses the most power under load, second most at bootup, and far less idleing in Windows. So you might have enough for other tasks, but not for stressful gaming.

If it is specific to 1 game only and it passes multiply 3dmark2001 runs, then I doubt its the power supply.

Have you searched for Radeon issues for that game? I trust 3.8 the least of the ATI drivers and would use 3.10 or newer.

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Apr 11, 2004
Thanks for your reply , the card i upgraded from was a powercolor 9600pro due to compatibility issues with my system . I have a 400 watt PSU and the power for the card comes directly from this supply .The only other trouble i seem to get is with Microsoft Photo Editor , for no apparent reason it will sometimes crash as well , it doesnt reboot the system but gives the usual "Send Error Report" message . Im on the verge of wiping my hard drive and starting from scratch as i sure its something driver related on my machine . Steve , Plymouth UK


Mar 26, 2004
seems like am idea but i would first try a ram test program sorry i don't know any off hand but if you had problems with both cards it could be your system ram

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Seagate 160g 7200rpm 8mb cache
2x256 Crucial PC3200
Asus P4P800
Also try disabling FastWrites in your display's control panel. I had similar crashes, and found out that my MOBO bios wasn't 'current' enough and therefore it caused problems with the newer drivers. Disabling fastwrites soved my problem until I realized I needed to upgrade my bios. The drivers are built for the most current chipset drivers, mobo bios, and latest patched versions of Win. Make sure all of that is updated, and try disabling fastwrites in the meantime, and see if that helps.

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