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Question Game crashes I believe related to Gpu clock speed spikes.

May 19, 2020
Whenever I'm gaming, sometimes my pc crashes to a black screen, and usually half the time I can't get out without restarting my PC. Also when the crash happens sometimes chrome goes blank and I have to close and reopen the tabs to get it working again. This happens mostly in games that require a better than average PC such as overwatch and Call of Duty. I use NZXT Cam and I noticed that usually when this happens there is a GPU clock speed spike. The clock speed is around 300 and then skyrockets to 1400, and immediately goes back down to 300. It could also be related to my CPU or my power supply but my main guess is my graphics card (My CPU is around the highest clock speed which I think is normal). For my graphics card, I have a GeForce RTX 2070 and it even says I have the newest drivers in Geforce experience. I would greatly appreciate the help because this issue has been happening for a while.