Question Game crashes/PC crashes ?

Apr 18, 2022

I have experienced a problem for almost 2 years. My games keep crashing at random times and all types of games. When playing games, my screen would freeze, audio would stutter and that would last for a minute. Then it shuts off my second monitor and my main then starts working. The game still runs, but I can't open it and have to close with task manager. Using windows + p, I can turn my second monitor on again and all is well.

I thought it to be software issue, so I bought new hard drives, since they were from old pc and reinstalled everything. Then I ran into a problem, where pc would completely shut down instead of crashing games mentioned before. Thought it to be PSU issue so I changed it. So far the pc has not crashed, but the game crashes still happen. Event viewer gives me nvlddmkm error about 50 times in a single second. I'm thinking if it's motherboard or GPU error, but I'm not sure. I did notice 2 MOSFET on my motherboard burnt, but overall temperatures are within safe zone. Any ideas?

Motherboard: gigabyte z390 gaming x
GPU: rtx 2070 super
CPU: Intel i5 9600k
PSU: Corsair hx1000
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