Game crashing and random black screens since computer upgrade


Mar 17, 2014
I will start off by saying my presumption is that this is a PSU issue, but I recently purchased a ton of new hardware and want to make sure this is the case before I start dropping even more money on yet another component. I have used MSI afterburner to test the temperatures and usage of my CPU, GPU and RAM. The temperatures have been fine. The only thing I've noticed is that my GPU % has been 98% at times even though I don't seem to be using much of the video memory for the games I'm playing? I'm not sure if it's due to the ultrawide monitor or not that would make the GPU usage higher than the game states is being used. I digress...

These are my current specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8600K CPU
(Applied Artic MX-4 Thermal paste)
CPU Cooler: Cooler master hyper 212 Evo
GPU: Aurus GeForce GTX 1080Ti
Motherboard: MSI Z370 Gaming M5
EVGA 600 B1, 80+ BRONZE 600W
Monitor: Acer XR342CK (3440x1440 ultrawide)

Obviously I also have peripherals (Headphones, Microphone, Keyboard, Mouse and an external hard drive) that are plugged in.

My assumption is that all of this running on ultrawide res would require a lot more power than my old 600W PSU can supply. I would presume this is likely the case but wanted to ensure so through others opinions and ways in which I can test such. Also, if this is the case I would really appreciate recommendations on a PSU that can allow all of this to run smoothly.
Many thanks ahead of time.



What hardware did you recently upgrade?

And having your GPU @ 98% while gaming is a good thing. It means your system(CPU and RAM) is keeping up with it. That's not VRAM usage but actual GPU usage.

I guess the real question is are you having any problems?