Question Game freeze fallowed by a split second FPS drops.

Sep 28, 2020
OK so I got a problem with one game on my system. Mount and blade warband. The games support team is of no help. They gave me the run of the mill do this and that then stopped cold when that did not fix the problem.
So Id thought Id ask here in hopes someone has an idea.

The problem.
In battles the game will freeze up for a split second flowed by a FPS drop. How much it dips is different every time. It been as low at 15fps but tends to be around 25-40fps Bigger battles have the problem more often. Bigger module like viking conquest and Floris has the problem more often. But it also happens in the stock module, although far less.

System specks
16gb of ram
780ti SLI
512gb m.s ssd
stock clocks
Triten CRT gaming at 1600x1200 res 75hz refresh v-sync on.

I had the same problem on other systems with different specks, and AMD FX , a c2q and x58 system so its definitely something in the game.

SLI makes no difference , I disable the the second GPU and no difference.
I am using MSI afterburner to monitor the systems temps and FPS.
I don't own a copy of 10 or 8 and have not tried Linux. I really don't want to try Linux so lets leave that as a last ditch effort.

Aside form what I posted above Id like to start clean here and not list what I tired in the past and start from the beginning again. I have a clean install of win7 64bit and a fully up to date system with malware-bytes for my AV.
So does anyone have any ideas of things to try?