Game freezes, then Textures replaced


When playing my games (Batman:AA, Team Fortress 2, unreal tournament 3), randomly and now frequently the game will freeze for about 5 seconds, then when it recovers textures in the world will all be replaced. Ill see wall textures on my gun, in the sky, etc, just random. I can still play, but it will continue to corrupt the textures and eventually freeze.

Ive updated my BIOS, tried alternate memory sticks, Used Drive sweeper and updated to latest Nvidia Drivers, and reinstalled my games. Nothing has fixed the problem.

CPU:Core2Quad Q9550 2.83ghz
MB:Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
RAM:OCZ Reaper 1066 4gb
VIDEOCARD:Nvidia Geforce GTX285 1gig
PSU:OCZ StealthStream 700w
Windows XP Home 32bit
28inch Hanns-G 1920x1200

Ive contacted BFG and they recommend an RMA, but im wondering if its something else. The only clue I have left is the motherboard reports the +12v rail of the PSU to be at 12.495. Is this over-volting, or perfectly fine?

Thank you in advance :)



Gefoce GTX 285 idle's at 38C, and hits 70C maximum when running Crysis max settings, 2xAA, and 1920x1200 resolution.

These cards are supposed to be able to hit 90C without problems so I dont think that cooling is the problem.

My power supply specs:

Can my power supply be too weak? The cards requirements state that it needs a combined +12v current rating of 42 amps or more.

Mine has four +12v rails each rated at 18A. Is this 18X4=72amps, or 18X2=36amps since only two +12v cables are plugged into the card?

Im running my games of a supplement drive, not on the main drive with windows installed. Could that be the reason?