Game freezing randomly (r5 1600 @ 3.94GHZ + 1080GTX + 8GB RAM)


Nov 24, 2016
Hi, so 2 months ago i was sick of PUBG freezing(for a second or 2) randomly once in 15 mints, so i deleted everything and installed win10 from the begining (altough my pc was already pretty much clean), it fixes the problem for a few weeks, and now its hitting me again, and not only in PUBG, its also in Fortnite.. im thinking it might be th ram.. i have 2x4GB DDR4 3000MHZ (8GB), i found a guy selling 16 gb 2400mhz cl17 in a good price, shouldi buy it? will it fix the problem? will i feel the diffrence cause its 2400mhz and mine 3000..?

Basically, the ddr4 3000 memory you have will clock down to ddr4 2400.

A quick bit of reading says you will see a slight performance drop, maybe like 5 fps, so depending on your monitor and resolution you may not notice it.

On the other hand, you will be going from 8gb to 16gb, so you may find your performance increases due to the fact that you are increasing the amount of ram the system is able to use, as some games are starting to hit or exceed 8gb.

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