Question Game lags when moving mouse

Nov 20, 2021
Hello dear friends. :)

A couple days ago i decided to relive some of my childhood by playing "Dungeons and Dragons: Dragonshard"

But i have run into a problem ive never had before, after playing for 10-15 minutes the game becomes increasingly laggy when moving the mouse until it becomes completely unplayable.
👇See what i mean👇

As i said i have never had this problem with any other game before.

System specifications:
Windows 10
RTX 2060
Intel i5 10600k
16 gb ram

I already tried the most common fixes like changing polling rate, updating drivers etc.
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Try using Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance.

Use both tools but only one at a time.

Before gaming open the tool and just watch while the system "idles". Leave the window open but drag the window to one side and play D&D as you normally do.

Look for some change that occurs just prior to the lagging behavior. Or happens when the lagging begins.

What resource is being used, to what extent(%), and what uses that resource?

Maybe some background app launching in order to update, backup, or simply phone home....