Question Game Menus Lagging at 1440p


Dec 28, 2012
I upgraded from a 1080 display to a 1440 display a couple months back and everything was fine as far as I could tell but now whenever I run a game at 1440p the menu lags but the game itself doesn't. It's very consistently 8-10 fps in game menus. I've tried switching between windowed and fullscreen windowed and that doesn't seem to have any affect. I've also tried disabling G sync since my last monitor wasn't G sync compatible I thought maybe that could have an affect but it doesn't. My hardware is very capable as I'm running an 8700k @ 5.1GHz and an RTX 2080ti. The only thing I can think of now is maybe something about my CPU OC is messing with it but even then, there weren't issues with it before and I've done enough stress testing and gaming on this OC that I'm pretty sure it's stable. I also have my GPU overclocked but its the same story as my CPU OC I've thoroughly tested it and gamed on it and never had issues, and it's also a pretty modest OC. This all started maybe a week ago.

Since it doesn't seem to be connected to the monitor and G sync I'm at a loss as to what is causing this. It has happened in 3 games now; BF V, Division 2 and the new COD.

Also whenever I tab out and tab back in to a game, it runs at a fine framerate for about 2 seconds then bogs down from 100s+ to 8-10 over the span of a couple of seconds. So the menus CAN run fine they just don't whenever the game is on top.
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