Question Game Mode Problems

Apr 21, 2019
So I play a lot of games, When I open a game game mode puts tips on the right of the screen, “press <key> to take a screenshot” “press <key> to record”. Sometimes the tips don’t go away, they stay there even when I close the game so they are locked onto the screen. I have to restart my computer to make it go away. I have tips disabled in settings and it’s still happening! Another thing: I like to use the record that feature, basically it records a game and when you choose record that then it will record the last 30 seconds or so, depends on how long you have it in the settings, and save it. I have my microphone turned on by default in the settings, but I have to manually turn it on when I start a game. It automatically turns itself back off when I click off the window of the game, it’s supposed to be on by default always. Sometimes I forget to turn it on and I’m in a discord call or in voice chat, it doesn’t record my voice and it’s just confusing. So basically none of the settings in game mode are applying, or I’m just not getting this. Could someone help?


What version of Windows 10?

Have you checked the Game Bar settings in Windows 10?

"WIN" + "I" > Gaming > Game Bar

Try running the built in Windows Troubleshooters.

Try running "sfc /scannow" via the Command prompt.