Question Game runs smooth the first time, than the second time it lags

Jun 23, 2020
Ive been having this while playing Apex Legends witch is now, and Horizon Zero Dawn a while back. Basicly when i boot my pc and enter Apex legends and start playing FPS is stable and the game runs smooth no lag at al, but ehen i exit the game to take a brake and than after 30min get into it again the preformance is awful, fps is not that bad but comparing it to when i run it the first time its drastic, fps would be around 70 fps few frames lower or higher but no masive drops that i have noticed, but the thing is the game would lag every time i move my mouse a bit faster or in more damanding areas where it would get almost unplayable to some, same thing with horizon zero dawn the frist time i run it its crisp, than the second time u can see the diference, it becomes unplayable, lagging most the time espacialy in bigger towns where it would hurt my eyes just watching it....