Game Screen freezes but game continues

Dec 29, 2018
Hi, I just recently bought a new computer and my game display keeps freezing 2 mins after clicking the game.

I have tried playing PayDay2, Nier Automata and Sniper Elite 3 and all of the game displays of each of them freezes. I know that the game is continuing in the background because of the sound it makes. Like in the menu screen when it freezes, just by moving my mouse around I can hear the selections being made or that when it freezes in-game, just by pressing the attack key, I can hear the attack sounds. This freeze is still there even after minutes that I just alt-F4.

It has been freezing in each of the game around 2 mins after executing the game .exe . Alt tab works fine and task manager can come up properly. Temperatures are not an issue. I have not overclock any CPU or GPU. Tried updating the drivers already. Running on HDMI to my TV. Lowering the resolution did not help either.

Below is my computer specs:
Z390 Auros pro wifi
I5 9600k
GTX 1080ti
750W PSU

Could someone assist me on this? Thank you.

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