Question Game started stuttering after adding in a fan to the heatsink

Dec 5, 2019
Hello all,

Following my adventure of upgrading my computer this weekend, I've solved one problem only to now have another. I upgraded my motherboard, CPU, and ram over the weekend; I had an issue of really high temps while gaming (Assassin's Creed Origins) which after a lot of trial and error finally fixed this morning. Before my last step of adding a second fan to my CPU heat sink, I was testing it with AC Origins and didn't see any game problems (no stuttering or tearing) despite the high CPU temps. After my last step of adding in a second fan, I did another test and now the game started to stutter and I could see tearing. The tearing happens when I move my point of view around really fast and the stuttering seemed to happen a bit randomly totally maybe 10 ish times during a 15 minute gaming session.

I have a brand new i7-9700k CPU with a Noctura NHU9S cooler installed on a Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming motherboard inside a Thermaltake Urban S1 microAtx case; my GPU is a GTX 2070.

What do you think I should be looking at? It's not likely that the fan itself pushed my PSU over the edge is it? My only other thought is maybe I just need to re-seat the video card (I had to take it out to set up the new fan); there was once when I booted the game and I got a ton of artifacts on the screen and I fixed it by re-seating the graphics card.

I reviewed and have ruled out the below
Unstable CPU/GPU Overclock - I don't overclock
CPU Overheating - Literally just fixed this issue. I now have an average of 65 and high of 80
GPU Overheating - My GPU has a high of 80
Below problems I ruled out because if this was the problem, shouldn't it have shown up in my earlier tests?
Less RAM & VRAM -
Video Driver Issues
Audio Driver Issues
Windows Updates
Malware Infection
Background Services / Tasks
In-Game Settings / Unoptimized Game
Disable V-Sync
Corrupt Windows System Files