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Question Game stuttering\fps drops

Dec 3, 2018
Hello! I've made 2 videos to demonstrate the problem I have:
One is game performance (a normal) in default non admin Win7 account, that doesn't allow programs like battlenet\origin\easyanticheat launch, not even when "run as administrator", which basically means I can't play almost any game.
The other is game performance in Administrator account (the one stuttering and freezing and having 10fps). Absolutely every game acts like this. Even ancient potato ones. Every new account I create, whether it be admin or non admin rights one acts this same way.
I think these vids make it obvious enough it's not a hardware issue aka my computer meets requirements. I checked the cpu usage when in game - only at 50%. I ran a few virus scans - nothing shows up. I reset my graphics card settings. Didn't work. I compared the processes running in non admin and admin accounts, stopped the ones that were different, still nothing.
Idk what else to try, looking for suggestions