Discussion Game stutters even though I'm getting high fps


Nov 13, 2018
This stuttering problem only seems to appear in COD: Modern Warfare. This problem doesn't occur in any other game. The game always sits at around 70 fps but the game seems to stutter (or judder) when I play, even in the menu screen sometimes. I'll leave the specs below but I don't really think any of my parts is bottlenecking. My gpu stays at around 70 degrees celcius at 100% usage but my cpu stays at around 20-27%. The only thing I think might be causing the problem is my ram. I have 2 DDR4 4GB ram sticks ( so total = 8GB) and the game uses but like 6.8-7.2 gigs while playing. It's been higher but I turned down the graphics setting and other stuff so that the ram usage may come down but of no use. Even after turning most of the settings down I still seem to get stutters in the game while the game sits at 70 fps. Any advice on how to stop this?

My specs:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
GPU: Amd Radeon RX 570 8GB
Ram: 2x Geil Evo Spear 4GB DDR4 2400 MHz Ram
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 AORUS Pro
PSU: Antec NeoEco 550W Semi Modular


Check how much ram Windows consumes, it'll be a good 2GB, maybe 3GB. If COD is using almost 8, that's approx around 5GB of physical memory being used for the game and that would mean the pagefile on the OS drive is probably getting hammered.

16GB ram is recommended, id make the jump.
I agree with the above; 8GB really isn't enough anymore. We're not using 32-bit .exe's anymore; apps will happily use 8GB, and more to boot. 16GB should be considered the absolute minimum now, and honestly higher end rigs should invest in 32GB.

As for the FPS and smoothness, remember FPS simply measures how many frames are rendered over a 1 second timespan. That does not necessarily mean those frames are synced up with your monitors refresh rate. It's theoretically possible to get 70 FPS, yet only have one frame actually be drawn to the screen [as an extreme example]; what matters is how many frames are created that sync up with your monitors refresh window. This is one reason why VRR is becoming a thing, since fixed refresh rates don't really mesh well for games.