Game suggestions please


I built myself a new gaming computer a few months ago and need some more suggestions of games to play.I used to play games and have played a lot of older games years ago.
Since i built my computer i've played Assassins creed revelations/brotherhood, Medal Of Honor, Battlefield 2 & 3, Crysis 1 & 2, Fear 3(got bored of it) and i'm now playing Sleeping Dogs which i'm enjoying. I also have Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction and Metro 2033 on order to play.
I like FPS and games i like Sleeping Dogs so any suggestions along these lines would be great.
Any suggestions will be appreciated :)


I forgot to mention that i played Deus Ex Human Revolution too and liked it.
I haven't played any Call Of Duty games since modern warfare 2 as i feel the single player campaign isn't worth the money. I might play them sometime.


Nov 12, 2012
I recommend team fortress strongly (it's free, so the only things you have to loose are time and hard disk space, and as that can be gained back, it doesn't really count). Very good first-person shooter, though there is no campaign, it's still very fun, and funny at points, as all the character classes have unique personalities (e/g the pyro is a flamethrower-wielding maniac, completely detached from reality allowing him to commit horrible acts of cruelty, and the medic is a twisted mad scientist with a complete disregard for medical ethics).
I also recommend left 4 dead/left 4 dead 2, zombie games (though as well as normal zombies, they have 'specials' like the tank which is like the incredible hulk in zombie mode, and the hunter who leaps on targets and rips them to shreds, and the witch who sits there crying until someone shoots/shines a flashlight on/stands too near to her, at which point she gets up and destroys here target). Though they don't have the best campaigns, teamwork is a strong focus of them, making them interesting (plus a PvP campaign mode with player-controlled infected, making very challenging and interesting gameplay on both sides).
Both these games are made by valve, who also made the half-life series.


Apr 30, 2012

Check out 'Black Mesa' to relive Half Life 1 with updated graphics. Pretty tasty.