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Question Game thinks im rapidly hitting keys

Jun 1, 2020
I am using a magicforce 68 keyboard and suddenly whenever i hold down a key in games it acts normal for a split second and then thinks im rapidly hitting the key resulting in a constant jitter. it only moves smoothly when i hold down more than one key at a time.

thank you to anyone in advance trying to help as this makes games pretty much unplayable at the moment.

Edit: this doesnt seem to be affecting any of the mod keys
Jun 1, 2020
Start by manually downloading the keyboard drivers via the manufacturer's website.

Reinstall and reconfigure.

Windows 10?

"WIN" + "I" > Ease of Access > Keyboard

Check the current keyboard configurations.
hey, the manufacturer says that there are no additional drivers required but the windows 10 ones.
nothing seems amiss in the settings and as i've said, ive had this keyboard for 2-3 weeks already and its only just stopped working.

i can type fine as i dont need to hold stuff down.

could this be a hardware issue??

thank you

EDIT: Other keyboards work fine on my PC so it might be the cable but im not sure how that would be the case


Not a waste of time at all.

Hopefully there is some "matter of elimination" taking place as things narrow down.

Besides someone may note an error of omission or commission on my part.

If other keyboards are working on your PC - what happens if you try the MagicForce on another known working computer?

Could be a defective keyboard. Return for a warranty replacement.