Game with unlockables, XP, leveling up?


Nov 25, 2012
I'm looking for a game with strong emphasis on unlockables, skill training, leveling up, etc. It can be RTS, RPG, FPS, it doesn't matter - the feature I like the most is the sense of progress and evolution of the player throughout the game. It can be browser-based or not too.

Kingdom rush was a game I loved because of the unlockable powerups.

I also like games like Travian, Desert Operations and Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms, but they have a major drawback to me: they take waaaaaay too long to play. 6 hours to build each building? That just sets me off. I want a game I can play for weeks/months but where I actually DO something amusing each time I play.

World of Tanks looks like a great game, but my computer can't handle it.

Here are my computer specs, btw:
AMD Athlon XP 2600
NVIDIA GeForce FX5200

Do you have any suggestion?
look up freelancer. not so much in leveling up of the character but his hardware can be upgraded. the game itself is fun and is pretty decent for play time. its also open world. other games you should try are the original halflife, half life 2 may work although the later episodes may not. not exactly what you want but great games anyway. the 5200 was a pretty good gfx card in its day so there are loads of options from dungeon crawlers, fps games like the original counterstrike and cod 2(still has quite an active community) just because there old doesnt mean there not still bursting with gameplay so give em a look you may be surprised and broaden the scope of your gaming experience. if you use this you can get some newer titles to work like elder scrolls 4: oblivion
basically any game that supports shader model 2 may work with this mod enabled.