Question Gamemax 1050W 80 Plus Silver M

Is Gamemax 1050W 80 Plus Silver Modular GP-1050 a good PSU?

NO, it's not a very good high-quality power supply unit, and Gamemax is not a trustworthy/reputed PSU brand, Why do need 1K WATTS PSU in the first place ?

Try to grab some other MODEL. I would recommend you to get the following PSU models and brands. These are high quality units. Look for similar SKUs.

SEASONIC PRIME, and Prime Ultra, or FOCUS Plus GOLD, Focus Plus Platinum.

CORSAIR AXi, RMi, RMx 550/650W, SF, HX 2017, HXi.

FSP - Hydro PTM 550/650W.

Cooler Master - MasterWatt Maker MiJ, V series 550/650W.

Antec - High Current Pro, High Current Platinum, Earthwatts Pro Gold, HCG Gold.

Super Flower - Leadex Gold II.

be Quiet! - Dark Power Pro 11, Straight Power 11, Dark Power Pro P10.

EVGA -Supernova G1+, GQ, P2, T2, G2, B2, BQ =>750.
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Math Geek

it is an older design for sure :)

but sometimes the price is just so good it's hard to pass on. seems seasonic has some rebate going on right now so they look good. the SI2III are decent prices as well and are newer design.

there is almost always a rebate on the CX and CXm series. this makes them a no brainer many times over. usually less than $50 for one of them is an easy buy. but right now i don't see any so they are reg price for the moment. so they are more like $60-70 depending on the model. still good choices for sure, just cheaper options at this time :)