Question Games always feel different every session (Input lag/Not smooth)

Nov 11, 2020
Title kinda describes the problem. I highly doubt there is a way I can fix this anymore, but mb someone will help, w/e.
So, games always feel different every session: sometimes they feel very "floaty" and not "sharp", sometimes they feel like I'm playing on 100hz monitor (I upgraded from 144hz to 240hz to fix the problem, but that wasn't it.)
First thing i did is reinstalling windows. Doesn't help (I ended up reinstalling it like 4 times last year). Did reset bios. Nothing. Updated all drivers, including bios. Nope. Tried old nvidia drivers. Tried different mice.
Windows was fully optimized every time I formatted it (Power options/Nvidia 3d settings/etc etc etc (took like 30mins every time). Temperatures are fine, around ~65c. FPS is always higher than 240. Tried locked fps, unlocked fps.
Even tried Vsync ON (lmao). Frametimes are good, around ~4.6ms or so, don't quite remember.

This problem occurs basically in every game I play: Valorant, osu, minecraft, csgo, not sure if it only occurs in games, probably on desktop too, can't really tell anymore.
Some high elo players from my region solved the same problem by installing grounded wall sockets or moving to another flat. I already have grounded sockets and also tried to play at my father's place for a week, nothing helps.

My PC is i7 8700k, 1080ti, 3466mhz 16GB RAM, Samsung 970evo SSD, 2TB Drive. And yes, i have tried playing on both overclocked and stock speeds. Fps is higher when overclocked, of course, but it doesn't help at all.



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