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Question Games are having trouble loading textures, is my hdd dying?

Jun 1, 2020
So, i built my pc last year. I have a 240gb ssd on which i have my windows installed and a 1tb hdd on which i keep my games.

I mainly play csgo, gta online and minecraft. I didnt usually have any problems with these 3 main games. But today i decided to log onto some other games that i hadnt played in a while - fortnite, just cause 3 and pes 2020.

In fortnite, when i landed on the ground all of the textures were really poopy and i kept falling through the ground and couldnt go in anywhere.

In just cause 3 everything seemed normal at first, but when i started flying around, i realised that other textures further away would not load in and stay very low resolution. The music also kept looping and sounded cursed lol.

In pes 2020 i got stuck on infinite loading screens. When i finally got into the game it just took so incredibly long to load anything, just switching between camera angles took like a 30 second loading screen.

Then i decided to test out gta 5 again and it too had the same problem, textures would pop in and out and not load properly.

But csgo on the other hand, worked absolutely perfectly.

I assumed that this is either a problem with the gpu or the hard drive. After updating my gpu drivers (rx580) the problem was still there.

Then i decided to test out whether its the hdds fault. I moved my pes 2020 from my hdd to my ssd and boom, it worked perfectly.

So, it definitely is a problem with the hdd then. I checked the condition of it with windows tools and it all came back fine. I downloaded some more software and ran multiple scans, they all came back saying that the hdd is 100% fine.

Afterwards i decided to check the games once more and somehow they all started working fine again. Both fortnite and jc3 just started working fine.

So, what could have caused the problem and how do i avoid from it happening again? I am really confused.

Update: the problem has come back.

Ryzen 5 2600
Rx 580 8gb
Ram 16 gb 3000mhz
Seagate Barracuda 1tb hdd
Kingston 240gb ssd
be quiet 600w psu
Gigabyte b450 aorus elite mobo
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Use Resource Monitor and Task Manager (just one at a time) to observe system/component performances. Determine what Resources are being used and to what extent (%).

Look for error codes in Reliability History and Event Viewer.

Reliability History is much more user friendly so start there.

Specifically look for some initial string of errors that appeared for awhile and then disappeared when "they [games] all started working fine again". And then returned with the problem.

Look in Task Manager and Task Scheduler for something being launched or started that you do not recognize. Do not immediately delete - first find out what it is and go from there.