Question Games (Assassins creed rogue) abruptly stopped running

Jul 6, 2019
Well i bought Assassins creed rogue a few days ago and it was running pretty well untill today when it just stoped opening at all.
On checking the task manager it turned out that the game processed a few seconds in the background before closing on its own.
I literally made no changes to the pc/game/software before this happened . It just stopped all of a sudden...please help
My pc specs.:-
Intel i3 64 bit
8Gb ram
(Not using any graphics card)
Be more specific on spec. The i3 series CPUs have been around since 2010. You'll need at least a 6th gen 6000 series with HD Graphics 530 onboard just to meet minimum requirements of the original non remastered version(also requires 2GB system RAM).

Since the most powerful 8th gen i3 is only about 1/3 the graphics power required for recommended requirements, that also means you'll need to use very low graphics settings in the game.

If you just bought it and got the remastered version, there's a chance the requirements are a bit higher and may not work adequately with onboard graphics (Game's Debate does not show Intel HD 4600 as min requirements anymore like on the original version). The listed GTS 450 for minimum requirements is more powerful than HD 4600.

Lastly if you've had the CPU a while and are only using the stock cooler and have never cleaned it, there's a chance it's overheating and shutting down. My guess however is that your i3 cannot handle the new remastered version. There weren't many changes on the PC version for the Remastered edition, but it does have a noticeably higher LOD, which could easily push it past your i3's limitations.
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