Question Games Close/Crash all the time despite having high fps and normal temperatures

Dec 23, 2021
For a few months now my pc has been crashing from playing games for no reason at all. An example of this happening is seen in Fortnite which I have been trying to play with my mates but I just can't because the game crashes after being in the game and playing for more than 10 minutes making it impossible to play with them, this happens in every other game I play too. I'm starting to think that it's a hardware problem but I have no idea how to troubleshoot my pc parts apart from buying new parts and hope it fixes itself??? If anyone knows what could be wrong, help would be appreciated! (I play on windows 10)

I am certain that it isn't malware because I have already done a factory reset for this pc and I scan my antivirus everyday and haven't had any reports.

The crashes go as follows, I'm playing a game at high frames, usually between 80-144 fps depending on what im playing then the game either freezes or just quits to desktop. I play at 1080p btw.

Specs:RTX 3060 Ti Galax 1-click OC, Ryzen 5 5600x, Crucial 2x8 3600mhz Ram, B450 Tomahawk Max, Gigabyte 750W Gold Plus Fully Modular PSU, Crucial BX500 1TB SSD storage.