[SOLVED] Games constantly freezing/textures loading improperly sound looping/muting

Jul 21, 2019
I've been having this problem for quite some months, to be honest

My rig is a:

FX-6300 @ 3.5ghz-3,8ghz turbo
8GB RAM 1600Mhz DDR3
GTX 960 4GB
and 2 HDs
WD Blue 320gb (OS and some programs)
1000GB Seagate Barracuda (Games)

I've already done:

-Checking temperature
-Checking drivers
-CrystalDiskInfo HD status (the 2 seem to be in a good state)
-Defragging disks
-Running multiple games, all of them ranging from small to big ones (CS:GO, GTA V, DOOM, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, Watch_Dogs 2,etc.)
All of them, in their own ways, freeze at some point, i'll give you guys a summary of all of them:

Rarely to almost never freezes, the least problematic one

The freezes take some time to appear, when i'm going to do a big mission like say the Heist ones, the game freezes to load something and i lose connection to the matches instantly (the game that disconnects me)

Surprisingly i played through the game until at some part after the half of it and it started;
-Textures loaded improperly (you know when a low-res texture loads BEFORE the actual texture? That ALWAYS happened before the freezes)
-Music stopped playing
-When i attempt to pause (press ESC) the game FREEZES, and then after sometime it loads everything up
-When i didn't attempt to pause, the game would freeze after i kept playing it while on that state (maybe 15 seconds after i see the first texture "bugged" and the music stopping)

Same as DOOM, but somewhat more frequent (i installed Wolfenstein after i finished DOOM)

Watch_Dogs 2
Randomly the audio mutes and the game freezes, or when i'm free roaming the game rarely randomly freezes (i don't see any "hint" that it's going to freeze, like in DOOM or Wolfenstein)

Other games i remember having this issue:

NFS Payback
Same as DOOM and Wolfenstein, the textures and audio bugging and sometimes EVEN THE MAP wouldn't load properly (i would fall through it)

Fallout 4
Same as "" and "" the textures and audio and even the map


I've run every possible "check-in" i could, even removed some junk from my PC and stuf, i think the problem is maybe 80% not hardware related (because all my components seem to be okay, and their temps and drivers too and i've had no problem running this games say January, February of this year), all of this started when i formatted from Win10 to Win7, i rolled back because my PC suffered from a lot of complete freezes (not games only), but even in that state i used to run all of this gamse with no problems, now those freezes are a bit more constant but game-only.

I think it's software related

Yes i've searched A LOT of threads and yes i tried most of the things they said but i never found someone with EXACTLY the same problem, i'm hoping someone can help me or else i'm going to format my PC again but now back to Win10 if i don't solve this problem (but i want to solve it cause it's breaking my head in two since i can't figure it out)

Sorry for the long post, i tought by giving anybody who dares to read this a full rundown of all my problems with each game maybe they could understand it better

(in case you still want to recommend me something that you may think i already tried, do it, i'm thankful for any reply i get in this)