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Question Games crash after 5-10 minutes

Jun 24, 2020
Hello there how is everyone doing?
I am not a huge expert when it comes to PC and PC parts. My old PC died and it was already too old to try to salvage anything from it so I opted to by a new PC. As I am currently having money issues and not being that much of an expert in PC stuff, I went to the prebuilt route. So I bought this system:
HP Prodesk 600G1 TWR which has these specs:
CPU: Intel I5 4570 3.2 GHZ
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB GDDR5
It's not a high-end system but at least much better than the one I had before this. And for the most part it runs super fine, everything is much faster than before, and games that run were much much much faster and with better graphics quality and FPS. The problem is that many games crash after 5-10 minutes of gameplay and some just crash on startup. Sometimes I get and error message and sometimes just crash to desktop with no error message whatsoever. The game would freeze for 5 seconds then I am back to desktop. I didn't buy new HDD I already had SSD with windows 10 installed on it and I installed that to the new system, with a 1TB HDD to store other data like college stuff and games. I know its a better practice to do a new Windows install for the new system, but I ave so much data and software on that SSD that I can't redownload again due to bad internet speeds here in Egypt.

Games I tried and their conditions:
WatchDogs (Ran Flawless on max setting at 50-60FPS no crashes)
WWE2k19 (Max setting at 60FPS no crashes)
Hitman (High setting 60FPS no crashes)
Valorant( Max settings 60FPS no crashes)
Dota2(Max setting 80FPS no crashes)
Assassins creed Syndicate(Max setting 60FPS no crashes)
FIFA19(Max settings 60FPS, crashes when using DX12 when switching to DX11 doesn't crash, never crashed on old system on DX12)
Rise of the Tomb Raider(Max setting crashes immediately after loading level, on High setting doesn't crash and stable at 60FPS)
Assassins creed Origins(Very High setting runs at 40-50FPS crashes after 5 minutes of gameplay, on medium settings runs on 40-50FPS as well doesn't crash)
GTAV (no matter the setting configurations crashes after 5-10 minutes of offline and 20 minutes of online gameplay, Never crashed on old system).
Unrelated tests on other stuff I use:
Unreal Engine 4 (Tried to build light for a heavy scene didn't crash)
Blender( Rendering with both GPU and CPU cause no crashes)

One thing I also noticied, that for most games even I play on max setting they look bad, textures takes time to load proper. Like in Assassins creed origins NPC will appear as very low poly place holders then they render to their actual model. In Rise of the tomb Raider some stuff only load wen I get closer to them. And overall textures look really bad even on max settings.

I am kinda confused by all this. I first thought it might be a power supply thing, but if thats the case then all games should have crashed not only some, and they crash to the desktop not due to GPU shutdown or crash to BSOD. My old system had an AMD card as well so I didn't change the driver when i first tested, after the crashes tried removing the driver and installing new one and the crashes remained. The only thing left to do is to reinstall windows but I really want to avoid that due to the pain of having to reinstall everything again.
Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your time, and stay safe everybody.
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Jun 24, 2020
If it's new and under warranty you should return it for repair.
I bought from another state different from the one I live . I wanted to make going back to repair store as my last option as you know with the whole virus thing its super hard to move between states.
I think I will try installing a new windows this weekend and see how that goes with me. Anyway thanks for the reply.
Jun 24, 2020
It probably should support. I used to run windows 10 on and 12 ywars old g41m with no problems. Don't think a newer board will face such a problem.