Question Games Crash After PC Hardware Upgrade

Mar 22, 2020
Heyo! I upgraded some PC components a while ago (8 months or so). So that's my hardware list:
GPU: GTX 1080 TI
CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 2600X processor 3.8 GHZ (ye I know it's bottlenecked a little bit but not terribly)
Ram: 16 GB 3200 mhz
Memory: 500 GB Kingston SSD
Motherboard: ASUS B450M-A

Now it doesn't crash just any game. For instance. Mount & Blade Warband runs just fine, I get some FPS drops but I think that it's because it's a really old game. GTA V on the other hand crashes either; after a few minutes of playing/after less than a minute. Like; it freezes first for about 5-20 seconds, then crashes. PUBG loads up the server, freezes and crashes after 5-20 seconds too. CSGO can run just fine for about an hour, then freezes and crashes just like the other examples, plus I get rather low FPS (110 ish), which is cool but weird for this GPU.

I'd appreciate your help guys! I suspect it's the CPU but I have no way to test it, so if you have any applications that can help me with it or something, I'd be thankful.