Question Games crash to desktop on launch

Dec 9, 2020
Several games crash when launched on my computer; this is a recent thing and a full windows reset has not solved the issue; I can only assume it's a hardware problem and was wondering what I can do to fix this issue (if possible at all).

Far Cry 5, Modern Warfare (2019), Star Citizen, Doom Eternal, and Cyberpunk 2077 all crash within 10 minutes of launching. with Doom lasting the longest. Each game's crash diagnostics reference an error with the GPU.

What bothers me is that I'm able to play games like Kerbal Space Program and Dying Light and run stress tests without issue (KSP often maxes out my GPU at 100%), it only seems to happen with modern AAA games.

Using MSI Afterburner, I confirmed that my GPU's temperature was fine, the clockspeed was normal, and the fans were running fine (while playing games that ran.)

I have attempted reinstalling my graphics drivers, validating/reinstalling each game, several computer restarts, and a full windows reset (although, I did not manually delete drive partitions).

My system specs:
Ryzen 3600
RTX 2070 Super
16 Gb (2x8) of 3600 MHz ram
and a 750w corsair PSU

I'm sorry if this is a common question, but I was unable to find a solution to my issue in similar threads

Thank you in advance! :)

Edit: I have also done a memory test and CPU benchmarks, but these components are not not mentioned directly in any of the crash logs I read.

Edit 2: I reinstalled windows after deleting all pre-existing partitions during setup as recommended by another recent thread, but the issue is still present.
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