Question Games Crashes after reinstall windows

Mar 27, 2020
i7 7700k overclock to 5.0ghz
GTX 1080ti Strix x 2 in SLI (same cards)
MSI Z270 SLI Plus
32GB half Corsair, half Hyperex
1300 Watt Corsair
WD 750 black NVMe
1440p 144hz monitor plugged into GPU1

A week ago, my gaming rig was working fine. No issues with COD mw, starcraft 2. But had some issues with Rainbow Six Siege, would crash, just assumed it was SLI issues. I believe my GPU was not running lastest driver, as COD mw at start up would tell/ask me to update it, but Geforce told me it was.
Also my SLI didnt seem like it scaled nicely, 1 card would always work much harder. (Bought them as used cards as well, but I benched them with userbenchmark, and came out as functioning as they should)

I needed more harddrive space, so I bought a second WD 750, and put them in Raid 0. Doing so, required a reinstall of windows 10.

After the install, I had a lot of issues with Games Crashing, and the odd time Windows crashing. twice in a day.
Initially with COD mw crashing, after researched I decided switch from current driver to an older driver, (445.97 release date 10/22/2019), and disable all of the overlays, (steam, geforce, discord).
The change in driver, seem to correct my COD Mw crashes.
While playing CODMw Temperatures on the CPU 83C, with avg 80% usage GPU 1: est 68C Core 1151Mhz, Memory 5005Mhz (Display port plugged in here), GPU 2: 78C, Core 1873Mhz, Memory 5508Mhz. According To Task Manager GPU1 had 5% (peaked to 25%) 3d utilization, GPU2 had 100% 3d utilization

In Starcraft 2, about 20-40 minutes into playing, it crashes completely. Rainbow Six Seige, crashes about 1-2 minutes into gameplay.
While playing SC2 Temperatures on the CPU 62C, with 40% usage (old game) GPU 1: 45C Core 746Mhz, Memory 810Mhz (Display port plugged in here), GPU 2: 70C, Core 1885Mhz, Memory 5508Mhz

  1. What are some suggestions on fixes to game crashes, what to try out.
  2. Are those memory/core clock speeds normal? or do I have an issue there?