Question Games crashes back to desktop

Mar 1, 2021
So I've recently just completed my 'new' build. Everything works fine when I'm surfing around on the internet, watching movies, Youtube etc. But when I play games, I have a problem with just crashing out of the game back to my desktop. Sometimes I crash out after just a couple of minutes and sometimes I can play up to an hour or more before I crash out. I have been updating my drivers for my GPU and been updating my BIOS too. My tempratures ingame is decent I'd say. When I play Hitman 2 my CPU runs at 45 celsius while my GPU runs at 65 celsius. The only thing I think might be the problem now is my PSU. I have a CV550w bronze from Corsair. Should I go ahead and invest in a new PSU now or is there anything else I could test out before doing that? Both my motherboard and GPU was buyed used, the motherboard is from october 2020 while the GPU is a little bit older. I've talked with guy who sold me the GPU, and he has never overclocked it, so that can't be the case.

My other specs:
RTX 2060 Super
ASUS Prime Z490M-Plus
2x8GB RAM 3000mhz C15
1TB M.2 nvme SSD
Corsair CV550w 80+ bronze certified
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