Question Games crashing after installing 8gb x2 RAM Kit

Nov 16, 2019
Hey guys, just wondering why are my games crashing after installing my newly bought 8gb x2 AVEXIR 3200mhz ddr4. Before, I had a single Hyper X 8gb 2400mhz and everything works fine, but then I bought another ram stick ( Hyper X 8gb 2400mhz) to make it 16gb but the pc was restarting on its own ( sometimes even blue screen) and I think it was compatibility issues since I bought them separately, so I sold those rams and bought a ram kit instead.

Now, I bought the AVEXIR ram kit (8x2) to make sure of the compatibility but games are crashing and sometimes PC is going on Blue screen, also when I restart the computer, the rams reverts from 16gb to 8gb even though both rams are inserted. The RGB lights on the ram are sometimes off , sometimes on.

I also can't use XMP profile to make both rams work @3200mhz since the default is 2666mhz and if I do use the xmp or turn the ram frequency up, the PC crashes and restarts until I return everything back to default.

I also tested the rams alone , both are working fine alone in the first motherboard slot (one nearest to the CPU) but none are working in the second slot alone. The computer won't boot if I only put a single ram on the 2nd slot. I also noticed my GPU temp was raised to 82C( which I don't think is safe ) when playing as both rams are working in dual channel when I was playing warzone . Warzone and Valorant crashes though when using 16gb.

For safety's sake, I just removed the other ram and only used single ram on the first slot and my GPU temp was returned to normal (72C and below). All games are working fine now but of course at lower performance since It's just a single 8gb and I was able to use xmp to make it run at 3200mhz.

I was thinking if the Motherboard's 2nd Ram slot is defective that's why I'm having problems.
I'm also unable to update the BIOS since the Flash option doesn't recognize any flash drive I use and it says BIOS is up to date even though there are lots of new BIOS update.

Here are my PC specs:
Ryzen 5 1600
B350 Gaming pro ( 2 ram slots)
Palit GTX 1070
Avexir 8gb x2 3200mhz DDR4
POWER BOX 500W true rated ( I know this is a very weak, cheap PSU and I plan to replace it with a better one ASAP, wondering if this is the root of the problem too.)
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