Question games crashing but only sometimes?

May 8, 2021
ok so this bug has been annoying me for a while now and to properly explain i should probably give backstory;

so a while back i bought a pre owned gpu because i had been running off of interrgrated graphics (rx 570) off of ebay and then whenever i tried to run a game it would come up with “driver timed out” errors and my pc would crash and evrytime it would always do this weird pattern of discoloured squares in a diagonal pattern all over my screen.

i then returned that graphics card and then bought a new pre owned one (rx 580) that had been loosely used for gaming and nothing else and they were selling because they upgraded and i got it and all was running fine for a bit and then i would still sometimes get “driver timed out errors” but very infrequently so it didn’t bother me and it didn’t do the square diagonal pattern anymore so i thought it was just my gpu being weird. then i downloaded call of duty warzone (which is a game i knew i could run because my interrgrated graphics cpu could just barely scrape its way through a couple games) and then for some reason it wouldnt run, it keeps giving me “driver timed out would you like to file a crash report?” and it just keeps closing (i forgot to mention that usually whenever games crash, both of my monitors go black before it returns to normal after a while, not sure if this is normal or not)

so after i got frustrated and concluded that maybe call of duty is just a poorly optimised game and i didn’t know anything about that kind of stuff i got on with my stuff. now here is where i have to mention that i can run some games like apex legends and ark survival evolved at almost max settings very fine and it never crashes and then i’ve noticed i was playing among us with a couple of friends just for a laugh and then my among us crashed for some reason ( also i have to note that while playing among us, in some spots of the map i was seeing this black square diagonal pattern like what was happening before but it was only in certain areas and wouldn’t crash my pc and was only in a certain place most likely just a graphic error) and that frustrated me because why can i run tough games like apex legends and not among us??

so then after being frustrated from that i load up some valorant after not having played it for a while and i’m starting to notice these black diagonal squares again in small places like on the lobby screen on some snow patches it would show up but it wouldn’t crash my pc and would go away once i looked away from it but would come back when i looked back and i don’t recall valorant ever crashing for me

and then today was my final ticking point. i got on garrys mod and for some reason it kept freezing for a couple seconds and handing me a driver timeout error message but not crashing and then just keep repeating that over and over again everything i tried to do something and then whenever i joined a game it would load a bit, crash and hand me a driver timeout error to go with it and then i restarted my pc in anger and then when i restarted it i could play again without it giving me errors!! but not for long because after 1 game of ttt with some friends it froze, crashed and then handed me a driver timeout error.

i have no idea what is wrong at all my pc specs are as follows

cpu: ryzen 3 3200g with vega 8 graphics
cpu cooler: stock cooler
^i have had this for a year and haven’t upgraded it at all

gpu: rx 580 4gb

ram: 16gb ddr4 3600MHz crucial ballistix

storage: 1tb hard drive and 120gb ssd

motherboard: gigabyte a320m- S2H V2

PSU: aerocool 750w 80 plus power supply